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eMobility Cockpit

eMobility Cockpit

The eMobility Cockpit allows operators to manage and monitor their charging stations networks in real time.

The main functionalities are:

  • Network surveillance, alerts in case of malfunction
  • Management of charging stations (location, updating of firmware, restricted access)
  • Management of users (addresses, RFID card assignments, monitoring recharges)
  • Manage subsidiary operations (segmentation of the charging stations networks)
  • Management of shared company vehicles (carsharing)
  • Roaming between operators (allows a user to recharge with an operator not his own)
eMobility Cockpit
Combination with outsider systems (API)

Combination with outsider systems (API)

The Green Motion management system is an open system that provides the following functionalities by means of documented interfaces (API):

  • Combination with outsider authentication systems (re-use of an existing RFID badge for access to the charging stations)
  • Publication of charging points for their location and condition
  • Combination with invoicing systems (recovery of recharging transactions)
  • Combination with parking tickets systems
  • Payment of recharges by text message
  • Combination with carsharing systems (reservation of charging stations, identification of the connected vehicle)

Combination with non-Green Motion charging stations

Like the management system, the Green Motion platform is accessible to charging stations of other manufacturers via an open communication protocol.

An operator can therefore have a heterogeneous supply of charging stations, provided they are compatible with Green Motion from the viewpoint of the communication protocol.

Combination with non-Green Motion charging stations

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