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AC charging station

Home Two
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HOME TWO is the simple and cost-effective solution for home use.

Private One
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Designed to offer a choice of three types of socket, the PRIVATE ONE station is ideal for use in company car parks, rental properties or private homes.

Network Two
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NETWORK TWO is a charging station for public use.

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Redefining aesthetic and user experience with a premium wall box designed by Pininfarina

RangeXT 22
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RANGEXT available in 11 kW or 22 kW is the new charging station in the Green Motion product range.

RangeXT 40/160
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RANGEXT 40/160 is the high-speed DC station of the Green Motion public range.

Master One
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The MASTER ONE is a centralised solution for identification, payment and the dynamic allocation of electrical power to vehicles.

Smart One
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SMART ONE, from the same family as MASTER ONE, is a centralized management solution for charging stations at private parking facilities.

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